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Principal's Welcome


Dr. Jeannette Garcia Principal

Welcome to Mayberry Street School! I am honored and delighted to have been bestowed with the responsibility for caring for and educating your children. This is a school with a rich history of traditions that serves its community with pride, and as we embark on our journey, we will continue to honor those traditions and develop new ones. 


As your principal, it is very important to me that we develop strong relationships in order to provide academic experiences that are authentic, rich in learning, and relevant to our ever changing world. I strive to create a welcoming environment of open communication, trust and transparency. I will partner with our parents, faculty, staff and community at large to support the goals of our amazing little school.


Our dedicated teachers will continue to provide rigorous instruction that meets the needs of our students under my leadership. Every student here at Mayberry will be fully immersed in learning what it means to be citizens of the world. Our ever changing world requires our students to be proficient in 21st Century Skills, including problem solving, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation.


Support Staff

Mayberry Magician_edited.jpg
Ms. Moreno
Kinder & 1st Grade
Ms. Duran
Kinder & 1st Grade
Dual Language
Mayberry Magician_edited.jpg
Ms. Claudia
TK - 2
Special Education, Autism Core
Ms. Delgado
Special Education
Ms. Shigenaga
2nd & 3rd Grade
Ms. McCarty
2nd & 3rd Grade
Dual Language
Mayberry Magician_edited.jpg
Ms. Cañada
TK - 2
Special Day Class

Mayberry Magician_edited.jpg
Ms. Rodriguez
Special Education
Ms. Yang
4th & 5th Grade
Mr. Fuentes
4th & 5th Grade
Dual Language
Mayberry Magician_edited.jpg
Ms. Villalobos
3 - 5
Special Day Class

Ms. Lim

Support Staff


Assistant Principal - EIS


Jeannette Cuba

Targeted Student Population Coordinator

Mayra Espinosa

School Administrative Assistant

Myra Padilla

Office Tech/MCD Clerk

Sarai Juarez

Jasmine Fuentes

Sierra Mendoza

Kimberly Fabian

Miriam Torres Contreras

Jazmin Mata

Edward Ho

Raquel Rubalcava

Faiza Kadri

Lesly Flores

Otis Harris, Plant Manager

Dewin Franks, B & G Worker

Srabani Barrua, Manager

Maribel Zaldana, Food Service Worker

Laura Ixtlahuac, Food Service Worker

Adriana Preciado

Raquel Coello

Carolina Preciado

Juana Sanchez

Jennifer Sanchez

Brenda Escobar

Angelica Franco

Angelina Sanchez

Ma Angelica Tandoc

Edward Ho

Ashley Medina

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