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Communication Arts

Welcome to our New Communication Arts Magnet!


Mayberry Communication Arts Magnet is was created to provide students with intelligent means to learn about their world and school curriculum through journalism, radio-television broadcasting, theatre, video/film production, computer technologies, digital and visual arts and advertising. Communication arts prepares students to acquire and accurately use information and communication technologies equipping them to effectively communicate orally, in writing, and through multimedia formats. Our Magnet will infuse technology throughout the curriculum to create exciting and rigorous programs based on Project Based Learning, the Design Process, The Inquiry Process, and the ITSE standards.

Magnet (Is Cool) School

Magnet schools are...

at the forefront of a new exciting way to public education by providing high-quality instruction and a rigorous curriculum designed to facilitate student learning and promote academic achievement for all District more....

Our Magnet program is in alignment with L.A. Unified goals: 100 percent graduation, proficiency for all, 100 percent attendance, parent, community and student engagement, school safety, and building a solid foundation for all learners. Magnet schools excel in all subjects areas while fostering particular and specialized interests like in our case a Communication Arts emphasis to encourage achievement.


As the single largest form of public school “choice,” magnet schools are visionary, innovative and open to all students regardless of zip code. Teamwork, acceptance, innovation and engagement make magnet schools the vibrant environment it is for developing positive citizen children prepared for future careers and successful community engagement. This real-life preparation has students not only interacting with peers from all backgrounds, but with hands-on experience working with businesses, cultural institutions, universities and community organizations.

Digital Technologies

Our Communication Arts Magnet will...


make full use of digital technologies to promote critical thinking, a Growth Mindset, and a Project Based Learning approach.

This year, our students will use the Design Process and the Inquiry Process to find solutions to current issues by working in collaborative groups to become Empowered Learners, Global Communicators, Digital Citizens and more as we will based our use of technology on the International Technology Standards of Education.

By making the curriculum relevant and interesting, the goals of PBL and ITSE are to promote self-initiated learning and curiosity to research, present, and represent learning through the Communication Arts.

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