Behavioral Expectations

Be Safe

Be Responsible

Be Respectful



(Rainy Day)

  • I will walk.

  • I will sit at my assigned table.

  • I will keep food to myself.

  • I will wait patiently in line for food.

  • I will clean up all trash.

  • I will stay seated until dismissed. 

  • I will use a quiet voice.

  • I will follow directions.

  • I will keep my hands, feet, and unkind comments to myself.


  • I will stay in my assigned area.

  • I will walk to and from area.

  • I will keep hands and feet to myself.

  • I will use bathroom and get water before the bell.

  • I will bring all equipment needed to the yard.

  • I will follow rules of the game.

  • I will play fairly.

  • Everyone can party.


  • I will flush toilet and wash my hands.

  • I will keep my feet on the floor.

  • One person to a stall.

  • I will use the bathroom and then leave.

  • I will return to my classroom promptly.

  • I will conserve supplies.

  • I will give people privacy.

  • I will keep bathrooms clean.


  • I will walk.

  • I will walk up and down stairs holding handrail.

  • I will watch for opening doors.

  • I will go directly to class.

  • I will stay out of the hallways unless I need to be there.

  • I will use a quiet voice.

  • I will hold the door for people behind me.