Mayberry School Rules


As a responsible Mayberry student I will...

  1.  Follow all directions of teachers and all other school staff.

  2.  Keep my school clean by putting all trash in trashcans.

  3. Use acceptable language at all times. Profanity, vulgar language and/or gestures are NOT acceptable.

  4. Take good care of school property and materials.

  5. Not write on walls anywhere at school or in my neighborood.

  6. WALK in all areas of school property.

  7. Use bathroom passes at all times.

  8. Eat quietly and clean up after finishing.

  9. Not bring toys, electronic devices, gum, bikes, make-up, sport items, or other inappropriate items to school.

  10. Not fight before, during, or after school or else I will be suspended.

  11. Not take property that belongs to others.

  12. Come to school on time.

  13. Bring a note if I am tardy or absent.

  14. Follow classroom rules.

  15. Stay in my classroom unless the teacher gives me permission to leave.

  16. Complete and return homework on schedule.

  17. Be in my assigned play area at recess and lunch.

  18. Walk, not run, unless running is part of the game.

  19. "Freeze" whenever the bell rings and wait until the teacher tells me to line up. 

Dress Code

  • Wear clothing that is functional, safe, and not a distraction to ones education.

  • Wear socks with shoes. No open toed shoes, or high heels are allowed.

  • Short shorts, cropped shirts, tank tops, gang slogans, or other inappropriate clothes are not permitted. 

School attendance is vital to student's achievement. Students who develop patterns of good attendance are much more likely to be successful both academically and socially.

Attendance Matters:

  • When students attend school they get better grades, score better on standarized tests and are more likely to go to college.

  • It is our responsiblity to teach students the importance of attendance now so they are prepared for the future. Employers say good attendance demonstrates responsibility and is a key factor in the hiring and promotion of employees.

  • It's the law. Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring that their children go to school. When parents are at work, students should be safe at school. 

LAUSD is working to improve its schools in ways that will make students feel more welcome, safe, and enthusiastic about showing up every day. 

Parents Influence Attendance - Get Involved!

  • Plan family vacations for non-school days ONLY.

  • Schedule non-emergency medical and dental appointments after school hours.

  • Make sure your child's school has your accurate daytime contact information, including cell phone number and/or email address.

  • Communicate often with your child's teachers.

  • Make sure your school aware of any problems that may be causing your child to miss school.

Every student is expected to attend school on a daily basis, unless there is valid justification for his/her absence. (EC 48200) Do not allow your child to have "parent permitted truancies." These truancies are best described as absences for reasons other than what the law allows. They may include the following:

  • Personal Business

  • Car Problems

  • No Clean Clothes

  • Rain

  • Walk Outs/Demonstrations


The use of homework is one resource for helping students learn. While homework does not take the place of good teaching, it certainly can contribute to each student's success by reinforcing, maintaining, extending, and enriching the classroom educational program.

Teacher's Responsibility is to:

  • Provide assignments related to class work.

  • Make available books and materials required for the assignment.

  • Teach necessary student and work skills.

  • Check and evaluate the homework.

Student's Responsibility is to:

  • Be sure he/she understands and knows how to do the assignment.

  • Have necessary mateials at hand.

  • Take care of and return books needed at home.

  • Follow study techniques outlined by the teacher.

  • Apply and practice skills leaarned in class.

  • Strive for the best quality of work which he/she is capable of.

  • Complete and return assignments on time.

Parent's Responsibility is to:

  • Provide the child with a quiet place and adequate time to do homework.

  • Encourage the child to do his/her own work.

  • Encourage the use of good study habits and the completion of assignments.

  • Insist upon the proper use and care of books and materials.

Estimated times that students should take to do their homework is listed below. Reading is not included in these estimates.

Transitional Kinder & Kindergarten.................At least 15-20 minutes per day

First and Second Grade........................................At least 30-35 minutes per day

Third and Fourth Grade.......................................At least 35-45 minutes per day

Fifth and Sixth Grade............................................At least 50-60 minutes per day

Parents will be notified when students do not complete homework assignments or show signs of decline in effort or achievement. Please help us to enforce this homework policy. The staff and I feel strongly that homework is necessary part of each student's educational program. Homework develops good work habits and a sense of responsibility for completing tasks on time.

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